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Fakemon 'Quilacuda' by Sabre471 Fakemon 'Quilacuda' by Sabre471
this is a fakemon that was in my mind for a few years now (i think he first came about in 2006), and i've finally came up with a name to gave him and chose "Quilacuda" (quil-a-cuda) he's a quilava fused with a car body.

i don't think anyone else has ever thought of creating a vehicle based pokemon such as this one.(or atleas how i've created mine)

the following information is very long, so bare with me on this,

the name 'quillacuda' comes from the two terms "quill" and "barracuda"

the "quill" part coming from the existing pokemon 'quilava' - - the head mounted in front of the huge body
and "barracuda" coming from the car, the massive body

quick details

element: steel
type: mechanical
weight: 1700kg
height: 76 inches (100 inches with legs)

rock head
base moveset:

Body Slam
Take Down
Smoke Screen
base stats

hp: 128
attack: 160
defense: 370
sp. attack: 94
sp. defense: 100
speed: 83

this pokemon contains all the characteristics of a car with a head mounted on the front.
it is 206 inches long, 76 inches wide, and 50 inches tall (100 inches when it's wheels are morphed to legs)

this pokemon can not reproduce (it was 'man made' from an experiment that "went wrong")

the car body the quilava head is joined with resembles mostly a 1970 dodge challenger, with the front face resembling a 1970 plymouth satellite, and the back having loose resemblence with a plymouth valiant with a swoopier appearance.

the 'tires' can morph into large powerful 'legs' that can propel it's large bulky body rather quickly.
the power-plant inside between his front legs supply the extra massive strength it needs when in battle.

when it sees that the surface is flat enough it's legs morph to wheels, the power-plant then delivers torque into the wheels, 90 percent on the rear wheels, and 10 on the front wheels. it's power-plant is a V8 engine lined with it's blood lines, can accelerate him from stand still to 60mph in 5.1 sec, topping 125mph.

Quilacuda comes in many different colors (including royal blue, forest green, beige, gold, red, and navy blue), but the lower half is mostly cream colored.

the anatomy of Quilacuda is rather unusual, it's heart is located right inside the dashboard (right on the firewall) blood lines go throughout all it's body, it's skull plate is as hard as the chrome plated bumper beneath his head.

even though this pokemon is basically a "living machine" it still has to eat some sort of edible substances to keep him fueled. when he starts getting hungry he'll start losing power, when he's starving it's power-plant would have too little torque to move it's large body over 20mph.
quilacuda's diet is anything that is edible, anything that it eats will be processed almost instantly into some kind of fuel to power his power-plant.

when it comes to weight class, quilacuda is considered a super heavy weight in the pokemon leagues, and out weighs groudon by roughly weighing 1700 lbs more (quilcuda's weight is 3747.8lbs)

quilacuda was banned from use in many major pokemon leagues due to his size & the power he can put out making it "unfair" comparing to others, but some leagues let him through.

quilacuda excels in racing type events (if the officials/hosts let him participate)
quilacuda's battling style may vary, depending on who quilacuda is faced with.
he's a very durable pokemon that can take alot of direct hits from powerful moves, before his engine starts failing making him immobilized.

quilacuda can only be caught by a Heavy Ball or Master Ball, since all other pokeballs would just ricochet off of him.

when in the hands of a trainer, quilacuda can be ideal for long distance land travel (quilacuda can seat atleast 4 occupants inside him) and if it trusts his trainer enough, he'll let his trainer take control of quilacuda, driving him.

Quilacuda can be very desirable for transportation (and leisure) purposes since he's basically a "living automobile".

pokemon (c) to nintendo
this fakemon (c) to myself, Sabre471
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July 22, 2010
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