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:bulletblack: = Didn't start yet
:bulletwhite: = Plotting
:bulletblue: = Sketching
:bulletgreen: = Inking
:bulletyellow: = Coloring
:bulletorange: = Shading and Lighting
:bulletpink: = Backgrounding/Finishing touches
:bulletpurple: = Paused/on hold
:bulletred: = Making edits
:star: = Complete!
:trash: = canceled
(?) = Unsure/Idea pending

-Commission Queue-


-Own Projects-

-Create a Species reference of the Cargon.
Main Reference (general info)
Appearance ref (Cargon Variations and stuff) -sketches drawn-
Ability Details (What natural abilities they can do)
Age Progression (from egg to elder)

-Refine ref sheet layouts
Tier 0: :star: (sort of)
Tier 1: :bulletblack:
Tier 2: :bulletblack:
Tier 3: :bulletblack:

-Make a better boob/butt size chart with more sizes... :bulletblack:

-design an airfield for my main characters :bulletblack:


-Gift for GrineX on FA :bulletblack:

-Request for landfighter777 :bulletblack:

-Request for Lucca on FA :bulletblack:



Jeff The Lati-Jet
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
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:bulletred: Requests [RQ] = Closed :bulletred:
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Random Jeff by Sabre471

Hello and good afternoon everyone,
Jeffray the latios is swooping by to talk about some stuff on what I plan to do around my two art galleries on here and Fa. First thing to mention is that I may be getting an upgrade to my artistic hardware thanks to getting gift money to spend from a grandparent on my mother's side who's recently passed away... Considering my current Wacom Bamboo tablet is approaching 5 years old and is well worn (but still works), I figure it's necessary for an upgrade to something bigger and better. 
As for my summer outside of the internet, It's been pretty hot and dry. I did go whale watching on July and I had a blast out at sea, and speaking of cetaceans... my pod of dolphin and whale stuffies has been growing ever since I started with my orca plush last year. I'll post a photo of them sometime in the future.

Now when it comes to the content I have in my gallery... I've been thinking of doing a cleanup of old content from 2013 and older for quite a while now, There are some good arts in there that I will keep under a new folder that's gonna be labeled "Old Art" and those old submissions will even be tagged as [OLD ART]. The old art as a whole will be either kept or taken off my gallery and most of it ranges from outdated ref sheets, old art styles that aren't relevant to me anymore, outdated techniques, and general pictures of characters with old and dated designs.

Now the last but not least thing to talk about is my immense Cargon Species Study project which is probably my biggest art project that I have ever committed myself into doing. This study will explain why these "dragon infused cars" are the way they are and how they tick. Right now currently it's all saved in a text document that I've been occasionally working on all year with some help of a couple of my close friends (yeah, this project has taken all year just to get the text down and organized). It pretty much tries to cover as much as possible from looks, anatomy, functionality, and even goes in depth on how they mate and reproduce. Once I feel this text document is ready to post live to the public, I will then work on translating the text document into visual study ref sheets.

This is also a closed species and is currently restricted to just my close friends to use, The way I will handle how you can get permission from me will be relatively straight forward. All you need to do to gain access to my cargon species to make ocs for your stories, roleplays, or even make your own art of them is to ask me for my permission and why you want to use my species for what ever reason you provide for me to judge.
If you're a friend of mine, then all you need is my approval to use my species, then you can create as many ocs as you want with it, payment is optional.
If you're an acquaintance I hardly know, then you would both need my approval and paying a price one time via paypal to to get permission from me to create as many ocs as you want with this species.

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